Mugalzhar Neftestroy LLP has been engaged in the extraction and processing of nonmetallic minerals (diabase) at the Berchogurskoe-4 field since July 2011. According to the administrative division scheme, the deposit is located in the Shalkar district of the Aktobe region, 2.5 km west of the Berchogur railway station, 110 km from the regional center and 250 km from the regional center.

The Berchogurskoe-4 diabase deposit was explored in 2006. Diabases of the Berchogurskoe deposit belong to volcanic rocks and are used for the production of rubble for construction work (including usage as an aggregate for heavy concrete), for the construction of a ballast layer for railway tracks, for the foundation and covering of roads and airfields, as rubble stone and for the production of string concrete sleepers.

The development of the deposit is carried out in accordance with the License for the extraction of widespread minerals issued by the State Institution "Management of Industrial and Innovative Development of the Aktobe Region".

The development of the deposit is carried out by an open-cut method using the flow-cyclical method (excavator-car-DSK). Drilling and blasting operations for the extraction of minerals are carried out by a contractor. All mining operations are carried out in accordance with the approved Mining Plan.

In 2020, after additional exploration, the balance reserves of the mineral were changed. The increase in balance reserves amounted to 117,439.89 thousand m3, which is confirmed by the Minutes of the ICZ meeting.

As of 01.01.2021, the balance reserves amount to 146708.68 thousand m³



One of the main advantages of our company is the constant updating of the main technological equipment, which affects both the improvement of the quality of the manufactured products and the increase in the range of products. Currently, the processing of minerals is carried out at a new crushing and screening complex manufactured by Boratas with a capacity of 450 tons / hour.
The fleet of vehicles and special equipment is constantly being updated



All products manufactured by the company comply with quality standards, as evidenced by the Certificates of Conformity for all types of products. In 2018, our company was awarded a diploma and a valuable prize "Leader of Quality" from JSC "National Center for Expertise and Certification"



Round-the-clock shipment of products, which is possible thanks to own access railway lines. The railway dead end with access roads is located in close proximity to the Bershogyr railway station in the Shalkar region. There is a leased fleet of gondola cars in the amount of 200 units. and dump cars in the amount of 120 units



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