About Company

Mugalzhar Neftestroy LLP extracts non-metallic mineral resources (diabase) and processes them into crushed stone as per the stock-list of the Company. The Company is founded on the base of Berchogurskoe-4 Field in July, 2011. According to the layout of the administrative territorial divisions the Field is located in Shalkar region, Aktobe Oblast, 2.5 km to the west of Berchogur railway station, 110 km away from the oblast center.

The field is developed as per the Contract for integrated exploration and production of building stone (diabase) № 33/2005 as of 02.11.2005 concluded between the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Control of Aktobe Oblast and the Company. Also the Company is licensed for mining operations.

Berchogursk Diabase Field was explored in 2006 by Zaprudgeologiya LLP. Diabase mined on Berchogursk Field is related to igneous rock and used for production of qualitative crushed rock for construction activities (including for heavy concrete aggregate required for construction of high-impact reinforced concrete structures), for construction of ballast for railways, foundation and covering of motor roads and airdromes, as quarry stone for production of spring concrete ties. Also diabase is widely used as finishing material and material for memorials.

The Field is mined by the open mountain pit as per the Plan for Mining Development by drilling and blasting operations. Drilling and blasting operations shall be carried out by Contractors.

The process of crushed stone production consists of the following phases:

During the processing of the following types of occupied vehicles and machinery:

Howo dumptracks (40 tn - 5 pc, 25 tn - 3 pc)

Excavators САТ 336, САТ 329 and САТ 320

SHANTUI S 32 bulldozer (37 tn)

ZL 50 G loader

CAT hydraulic hammer (for separating non-standard blasted run of mine by mechanical means)

The territory garage was built for the purpose of performing repair works of vehicles and special machines. The garage has a lathe work warehouse.

There is 15/15 rotational work schedule on a double-shift basis, e.g. the production is performed 24/7.

On the borrow pit there are our own railways and track with capacity for 35 wagons. The finished products are loaded in wagons by fore loaders. The railway track is located at Berchagur station, 6.2 km away from the main borrow pit and it allows to transport the finished products form the site 24/7.

Nowadays there are works for modernization of the process aimed to saving the energy resources and labour resources along with increasing the production and improving the quality of the products. You can become familiar with results of the modernization of our Company in News section.

An administrative complex equipped with telecommunication is constructed to manage the work on the borrow pit.

At the borrow pit a Camp is constructed for the personnel being on shift that consists of accommodations equipped with all required welfare facilities, TV, internet and etc, a canteen for 35 persons, an aid station.

The management, operational and non-operational personnel of the Company is high-skilled and tested for knowledge of occupational safety and health engineering as per the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Record of finished and shipping productions

All scales are tested annually representatives of the Aktobe branch of "NaTsEkS"